Behold The Power Of Makeup

11/08/2012 Star 98

What does your makeup say about you? Women who wear makeup are not only seen by others as more likeable, but also more attractive, competent and trustworthy. Really?


Lifestyle Hacks For Ladies

05/09/2017 Josh Tielor

Over at Reddit, the question was asked, “Ladies of Reddit, what’s your lady lifehack?” A goldmine of problem solving lifestyle hacks was created. Here are some of the highlights!

Pop Crush

WTF is Millennial Pink, Anyway?

05/06/2017 Pop Crush

YouTube You’ve seen it on your favorite celebs, in hair, on walls, in drinks, with cacti, on dresses, in makeup palettes, on food, in music videos, and likely, adorning most of your social media feeds. […]