Part-Time Payoff

The Star 98 Part-Time Payoff

05/17/2017 Preston Lee

Star 98 wants to pay you for listening to the radio. And forget about minimum wage, we’re paying you $50/hour to listen with the Star 98 Part-Time Payoff! Want to get on the payroll? Apply […]


$425 For Muddy Jeans?

04/26/2017 Preston Lee

The debate on jeans has been an ongoing battle for years. Why buy faded jeans when regular jeans will fade over time? Why spend more money on jeans with rips in them when you can […]


High Heel Pain? Problem Solved!

04/21/2017 Preston Lee

We’ve all been there, a night out on the town strutting around in your high heels only to take them off due to excruciating pain. We all want to explore our inner diva and rock […]

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars

J-Law Is Oscars Highest Paid Nominee

02/25/2016 Preston Lee

Jennifer Lawrence is this year’s highest paid Oscar nominee! Forbes magazine says the actress earned $52 million between June 2014 and June 2015. Leonardo DiCaprio came in second place with $29 million and Matt Damon […]