Ellen DeGeneres Adopts A Puppy

TV host, Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi announce that they have made the choice to adopt a puppy and name him “Kid”. 


I named him Kid because, you know, people… There have been rumors forever. “When are you are Portia gonna have a kid?” So, now I can say we have a Kid.”

DeGeneres shared with the world that she and her partner, Portia,  adopted a new fur baby and have named him “Kid” on Friday morning. She explained that he is totally adorable but that it is not so much fun waking up at all hours of the night with him. The TV host says that their other two dogs are doing great with him and teaching him a lot. Take a look at the new pooch down below!

World, meet Portia's and my new puppy, Kid.

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