Haters Gonna Hate But Now You Don’t Have To See It

Social media is a drama fest more often then not and sometimes you just don’t want to see the hateful comments. Twitter has addressed the issue, Facebook has as well, and now Instagram is jumping on board.


On Twitter and Instagram you are able to filter the things you see. On Twitter, in your settings you are able to put in keywords and posts including those words will not be shown on your timeline. Facebook allows you to unfollow people but no unfriend them so it’s a no drama llama but you don’t have to see their stuff.

Instagram is also going to start allowing you to not see the hate comments and posts. Trolls and bullies on social media can make posting and interacting a lot less fun.

The company introduced a new feature that will block “certain offensive comments,” as well as spam. So now it’s going to make it easier to stop people from trying to bring you down. All you have to do is go to settings, click on comments and then turn on “Hide Offensive Comments” feature.

This feature is currently only available in English so other languages cannot yet but blocked. The spam filter however is added to all the accounts automatically and is available in nine different languages.