Home Hacks To Make Parent Life Easier

Life as a parent is anything but dull. It’s messy, chaotic, fun, stressful, and memorable. Parents will often take any at home help they can get to make their lives a little easier. 


Taking time for yourself can be tricky because being a parent is a full time job. That doesn’t mean it always has to feel impossible though. Check out these hacks to make your life as a parent a little easier.

  1. Try a kid-height chalk wall instead of wainscoting. Give the kids half of a wall with chalkboard material to scribble on. Then you keep the upper half for adult decor.
  2. Invest in adjustable stools. This seems odd and maybe unnecessary. But having stool that can be raised and lowered allows everyone of any height to reach the counter.
  3. Make way for a “scooter alley”. It’s not news that kids need an outlet for all their energy on rainy days or when they’re stuck inside. Clear our a hallway or room where they can scoot their little vehicles around. You can also put out tumbling mats for them to roll around on, to help maintain your sanity and keep them happy.

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  1. 4. Make a specific space for a temporary art display. Kids have the best artwork, but the fridge can get filled so fast you don’t get to see it all. Make an area where all their hard work can be displayed. You can switch them out when a new comes home and that way everyone can enjoy it.
  2. 5. Put a small table in the living room. Seriously, this can make such a big difference. Giving kids a play table to work on for Lego sculptures or puzzles. That way everyone has their own space.

Do you have a designated play space in your home?