Return This Christmas Miracle

I am sure we are all familiar with a majority of our favorite shops “return policies” but sometimes it just helps to push those policies as far as possible.


Costco had a friendly customer come in on the 4th to return an item that she had purchased at one of their¬†Los Angeles stores. This doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary until you find out WHAT she tried to return.

A woman managed to return her Christmas tree on January 4th, on grounds that “It’s dead,” and it worked. The employees were reluctant, but she got her way in the end. The customer is always right, right?

Facebook user Scott Bentley shared his experience watching the whole scene unfold, and this picture:

woman return christmas tree at costco
Scott Bentley / Facebook


This isn’t the craziest return story the internet has shared over the years, here are a few more “how did they get away with that” returns.

Gap return story
item return for shutting off
return story for a slow cooker cooking too slowly

Business Insider even tested the LL Bean’s infamous return policy with a pair of worn down shoes, and may not have returned the shoes, but got a brand new pair sent to his home a few days later.


worn ll bean shoes
Dennis Green/Business Insider