Robyn Slyly Dropped New Song ‘Honey’ During Last Night’s ‘Girls’

Robyn New Song Honey GirlsKevin Winter, Getty Images

Robyn helped see Girls — which is airing its sixth and final season on HBO — out in style last night (March 19) when she dropped a new song “Honey” toward the end of an episode called “Full Disclosure.”

The episode, which followed protagonist Hannah as she revealed her pregnancy to more friends and family members, ended as Lena Dunham‘s character watched a film her ex-boyfriend, Adam, had made about the former couple’s relationship. As Hannah stared at her laptop’s small screen, Robyn’s song lifted off, and had viewers far and wide eagerly tapping at their phones’ Shazam buttons.

Every color and every shape, all the swirly patterns they make,” Robyn riffs in signature spitfire fashion over undulating synth and twilight harmonies.

The song has yet to be released in an official capacity, but the version from the show, which includes dialogue from Adam Driver and Daisy Eagan, has been uploaded to SoundCloud. HBO Go subscribers can also hear it as part of the entire “Full Disclosure” episode.

Robyn had previously teased in a March 17 Facebook post that a “little extra special something” would appear on Girls.

The final episode of Girls will air on April 16 on HBO.

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