Primary Children’s Radiothon at Star 98 is in it’s sixth year and we’re having so much fun. 

Our goal at radiothon is to raise money in an effort to help Primary Children’s Hospital and their patients.

Our first interview of day one was with Max.

Max has had one surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital, his second surgery is now scheduled. Max is in 6th grade, he has one 14 year old brother and 7 pets. Seven! There are 5 cats and two dogs. Max went to Primary Children’s Hospital because his gallbladder was full of “sludge” from his spleen destroying a large number of red blood cells. Max has a hereditary form of anemia called spherocytosis, that makes his red blood cells be ball-shaped rather than concave. The spleen reacts to these blood cells as foreign bodies and destroys them, rather than normal blood cells. Max has had two blood transfusions because of his spleen and, as of right now, his spleen is enlarged to the point that it hangs almost 4 centimeters below his rib cage. Max has a surgery scheduled next month at Primary Children’s Hospital to get his spleen removed. In the mean time, Max loves art, rollerblading, and video games.