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This month, we’re recognizing Kenny McClure with the Pocatello Police Department.

Kenny McClure is a Patrol Officer for the Pocatello Police Department. While on duty during the week of Christmas, Officer McClure noticed a man walking barefoot down Yellowstone. “I  just couldn’t turn away,” says Officer Kenny McClure, “I couldn’t walk away from a guy with no shoes when there’s snow on the ground.”

After speaking with the man for a few minutes, Officer McClure learned that he was traveling from Tennessee to Alaska to see family for the holidays and that most of his traveling had been on foot. The man told Officer McClure his shoes had been recently stolen by another homeless person, and that he couldn’t afford new shoes.

Finding a new pair of shoes for this man was more challenging than expected, as he wore a size 14 in mens shoes. But after visiting 4 other businesses, Officer McClure was finally able to locate and purchase a pair of size 14 shoes at the Shopko in Chubbuck.

In conversation, Officer McClure learned from the man that he was trying to go to the Army Surplus Store in Idaho Falls to stock up on weather appropriate gear and clothing to help him on his journey. Officer McClure offered to drive him to the bus station, where he then purchased the bus ticket to Idaho Falls for him.

“He is such a great example of what the men and women of this department do on a very frequent basis,” says Officer Brandon Vail, “and I thought he should be nominated for this award.”

Officer McClure went above and beyond by buying a homeless man a new pair of shoes and a bus ticket so he could get back home to his family during the Christmas season. Listen to his story as we Honor him with the Above The Call Award.

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