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This month, we’re recognizing Tim Shurtz with the Firth Fire Department.

Tim truly represents the entire city of Firth. This great man helps employ dozens of people at a local processing plant. He served for years on the city council.

As a first responder he has donated hundreds of hours as a fireman/EMT/paramedic. As a small town we know it could take time for an ambulance to arrive in case of emergency but Tim can always be counted on to provide the bridge until other help arrives. He also volunteers in training many others in life saving skills.

In the community he provides volunteer service when flooding occurs on the river. He has taken youth groups and provided sand bagging for numerous homes that were threatened.

This is truly a good and deserving man.

-Stewart Portela

Tim Shurtz is an active member of the Firth Fire Department, who loves looking for opportunities to help others. Beginning as a fireman, several years ago Shurtz became an EMT, allowing him to help even more people.

According to Firth Fire Chief Bruce Anthony,

He’s a great man.  He is involved in all of our training. He hits most of our fires. He’s one of our best attenders. He helps us out during the daytime when we really struggle to get enough man power to help out to fight fires. [He’s] very dedicated.

For Shurtz’s, firefighting is about working together as a team. He sees it as team effort, no one goes out on a fire by themselves. Shurtz’s also finds great pride when a call goes good.

“It’s a really good feeling when you’re there for somebody.”

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