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This month, we’re recognizing Kent Swanson with the Shelley Police Department.

Sgt. Kent Swanson passed away the night of May 21, 2018 in the line of duty. He suffered a massive heart attack while responding to a disturbance call. Here are some words from those who knew him best.

“When Sgt. Swanson was working, you knew it was going to be a good night,” mentioned Patrolman Robert Tincher, “he liked to work hard and he liked to play hard.”

“Sgt. Swanson was awesome in the schools – he was awesome with Magnum,” said Supervisor Mike Curnutt, “they worked so close together as a team that there were times you wondered which one was actually the dog and which one was actually the officer. With all of that he was also a good friend.”

“I’ve known Kent since I was 17 years old,” said Patrol Officer Weston Hayman, “and he’s one of the reasons I wanted to become a police officer. He showed me the potential police officers have to influence other people through their actions, and he became a really good friend. I knew he had my back on the streets, but more importantly, I knew he had my back in my personal life.”

“I am totally thrilled that he can be given this award,” said wife to Kent Swanson, Shaney Swanson, “everyone has talked about what a great police officer he was – and he was – but he was also my husband and the father of our two children. We love him, and we miss him every day. We are so grateful to have had him in our lives, and he was so kind to everyone.”

Sgt. Kent Swanson was not only an exceptional police officer, with the help of his K-9 partner Magnum, he was also an outstanding friend, and loving husband and father. Listen to his story, from those who knew him best, as we Honor Sgt. Kent Swanson with the Above The Call Award.

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