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Each month, we highlight the heroes who work tirelessly to keep us safe. This month’s recipient is Teri Smith from the Rigby City Police Department. Here is what Laron Johnson, Smith’s teacher had to say when he nominated her:

“Teri Smith has been a reserve officer for the City of Rigby Police Department for the past 17 years and this past week she hung up holster for the last time after an extraordinary volunteer tenure.

I have seen Teri serve her community in a variety of capacities including her stellar teaching career of over 33 years, her continued service at Rigby Middle School as a hall monitor, and her voluntary service as a reserve officer. Teri did not receive one check of compensation during her tenure as a reserve officer; she did it out of love to her community and the mutual camaraderie she had with her fellow officers. You might think the word Reserve means less than, on the contrary Teri had the same Level One clearance as her fellow officers. Which to me as the casual observer saw her carry the side arm and put on the vest just as all of her fellow cops.

At age 43 Teri began this new adventure of her life and I recall that she would tell me about pepper spray and taser trainings and I just could not believe she did this for free.
As you may be able to tell I am one of Teri’s former teaching colleagues and I can honestly state that if her commitment to the City of Rigby’s Police Department was half of that she did for her students she would still deserve a 1,000 accolades. I know she is respected by all who is associated with her. I am sure if you called Chief Tower of the Rigby Police Department he would repeat my praises.

So please consider my 60 year old friend, cop, teacher, and all around great person for this distinguished honor.”

We are so grateful for Teri and all she does! Congratulations for receiving the Above the Call award!

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