Above the Call is a new event with Rich Broadcasting to thank law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and others for their service.
Above the Call will take place every Wednesday and we will be honoring someone in service to thank them for all they do. You can nominate someone, if they win, they will receive a plaque with their name on it. We are excited for the opportunity to thank those that make sacrifices everyday for us.

The person who nominated Captain Moldenhauer has this to say:

“Captain Moldenhauer, “Moldy”, has worked at the PFD since 2002 and has been extremely involved in all aspects of the organization. Captain Moldenhauer volunteers his personal time to forward community causes such as fund raising for Holy Spirit Catholic School, Pocatello Firefighters Public Assistance fund, and others in the past. Capt Moldenhauer has stepped up to serve the department on numerous capacities and committees in a volunteer basis, example would include several policy making committees, labor management, small engine maintenance, and others. He has always been involved in the Union aspect in an effort to make the workplace safer and more efficient and currently serves as the Vice-President. “Moldy” gives freely of his personal time to forward firefighting health and safety causes as well as those that contribute to the community as a whole. The one thing that stands out about him is his willingness to serve others at a moments notice, on or off the job, as he is always there to lend a hand. As a supervisor, “Moldy” makes work fun, challenging, and engaging, as a matter of fact, we tend to put struggling employees with him as the as he always seems to get them on the right track. His dedication and service to the organization, the community, his fellow firefighters, and his family are exemplary to all and go “Above the Call” regularly.”

Above the Call is made possible with gratitude and appreciation from Rich Broadcasting, Pocatello Nissan Kia and KPVI 6.